Contract Crushing, or as some people call it “Custom Crushing”, is a service that has solved many problems for aggregate producers over the past multiple decades. Whether it is opening a greenfield site, gaining added salable inventory through supplemental crushing, recycling asphalt or concrete, or the myriad of other needs, Mellott has implemented many solutions for customers utilizing Contract Crushing. In fact, Contract Crushing has been the heart and soul of our organization since the 1970s. We’ve partnered with small family-owned operations, we’ve helped build aggregate producer empires, and everything in between. Mellott’s contract crushing division has reached an unparalleled level of excellence in providing solutions to our producer customers in areas such as:

What Are Tank Wash Systems?

Tank wash systems are an important part of producing aggregates. Tanks help keep your equipment clean and debris free, which can have a very large impact on the long-term performance and lifespan of your crushing equipment. Tank wash systems also protect the environment by preventing pollutants from entering waterways. Tanks are used to clean a variety of equipment found on crushing sites such as trucks and equipment.

How Do Tank Wash Systems Work?

Tank wash systems use a spray of high pressure water to clean the equipment used to create aggregates, often used to clean the tank after processing materials.. The tank wash system removes debris or rocks that remain on equipment. Tank wash systems are very powerful and ensure your equipment is well maintained and in good operating condition for every project.

Tank wash systems can be powered by either water or by air. Water-powered tank wash systems are used more frequently, since they are more effective at removing debris. Air-powered tank wash systems are typically used in operations that produce smaller particles as air is most effective in removing finer particles.

Tank wash systems are able to be customized for each operation. For example, a tank wash system might include a sprayer to apply water or a powerful suction system to remove specific types of debris that other types of processing may not be strong enough to remove. Whatever your need may be, a tank wash system is a great option to consider for many different applications.

Benefits Of Tank Wash Systems

Tank wash systems are essential pieces of equipment for aggregate processing operations that can help to:

  • Improve the lifespan of your equipment
  • Increase efficiency of processes
  • Reduce wash times and improve maintenance efficiency

Keep Your Equipment Running Like New With NorX Wash Tanks

Processing aggregate materials can cause a lot of wear and tear on your equipment, especially if the materials you work with is very difficult to separate. Proper maintenance and washing from tank systems can make sure that your tank systems runs properly saving you maintenance and replacement costs.

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