When it comes to large-scale projects in the aggregate production industry, trust the experts at NorX for comprehensive systems engineering, design, and fabrication services. Our systematic approach helps manage the complexities of aggregate material production, breaking down projects into manageable parts and designing them with precision. With our expertise, we identify potential challenges and provide efficient solutions, ensuring seamless coordination and optimal efficiency throughout your project.

Industries We Serve

NorX specializes in the following fields:

  • Aggregate Processing (Rock Crushing)
  • Slag/Metallic Recovery
  • Stationary Plants
  • Sand and Gravel
  • Concrete/Asphalt Recycling
  • Portable Wheeled Plants
  • Systems Engineering Services: Designing Efficient Solutions

Our systems engineering services encompass the design and fabrication of plants and equipment used in aggregate production facilities and mobile project sites. We collaborate closely with clients to ensure that the plants we develop are efficient and compliant with all safety regulations. Our team oversees the construction process, ensuring proper installation and adherence to specifications. In essence, our systems engineering services guarantee the smooth, safe, and efficient operation of aggregate production plants tailored to your specific requirements.

Benefits of Custom Systems Engineering

A well-designed and efficiently operated system is crucial for producing aggregate materials for construction projects. By implementing a customized system based on your project’s needs, you can achieve several benefits:

Increased Production Efficiency

An optimized system enables the production of larger quantities of aggregate materials within a given timeframe, leading to faster project completion.

Improved Product Quality

A systems design approach ensures meticulous coordination throughout the production process, resulting in aggregate materials that meet or exceed all relevant specifications. This guarantees that the final product fulfills customer expectations and project requirements.

Cost Optimization

By maximizing resource utilization and optimizing the production process, a well-designed system reduces costs associated with aggregate material production.


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Rely on NorX for Expert Systems Engineering and Design Services

At NorX, we pride ourselves on providing industry-leading systems engineering and design services tailored to your operational needs. Our experienced professionals offer personalized attention to ensure your unique requirements are met. We offer custom fabrication and design of plants and equipment based on the specific demands of your project.

To learn more about our proven expertise and how we can help you design an efficient systems approach for your aggregate production needs, reach out to our team of industry professionals today at (770) 338-0111.